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OnPoint Medical Group is looking for Primary Care medical practices with high-quality physicians to add to the family of OnPoint medical providers.  Our members find great satisfaction in aligning themselves with like-minded and team-oriented medical and business professionals.

With shared ownership in their practices, members build equity while gaining the benefits of shared services including group purchasing, professional HR and billing platforms, modern marketing, and a consolidated electronic medical records platform.

Challenges of Independent Primary Care Providers

  • Medical Economics – poor reimbursements and growing costs driven by:
    • No leverage with payors
    • Physician recruitment
    • Hiring and retention of staff
    • High medical supply costs
    • High debt load
  • Growing complexity with CMS and commercial payors driving need for more sophisticated systems
  • Regular source of capital for growth and the changing technology requirements
  • Lack of a viable platform (e.g., EHR, processes) that adapts to a dynamic, changing environment (obsolescence)
  • Lack of time and energy to properly pinpoint problems
  • Inadequate process & tools to drive quality and outcomes
  • Need for partners who are seasoned in billing / collections, strategy, investments, etc.

Benefits of Joining OnPoint Medical Group

Physician Teamwork OnPoint Medical GroupYour INDEPENDENCE

  • Avoids the hospital-driven directives, protocols and standards for greater provider autonomy and decision-making
  • Retains the “small office” feel

Personal FOCUS

  • Providers can focus on practicing medicine, enhancing patient relationships and engaging in the local community
  • OMG takes leadership on the strategic and administrative aspects of the “business of medicine”

Expanding NETWORK

  • Cross-referral and cross-marketing among the network and within the community (“hyper-local”)
  • Providers are focused and “invested” in both the network and their clinics


  • Private Equity-backed
  • Deep resources to reward excellence / results and growth opportunity


  • Unified technology, processes, business model, tools, ancillary services
  • Lower cost, patient-centric care model focuses on high quality outcomes and processes for managing overall health system costs (e.g., primary care + urgent care vs. emergency room vs. in-patient care facilities)


  • Superior fee-for-service and appropriate risk-based reimbursements from payers through focus on quality and patient outcomes
  • Realize value for your practice today while retaining an ongoing interest in future cash flows
  • Opportunities for all Providers (owners/partners and employed) to secure improved compensation
Circle of Care OnPoint Medical Group

OnPoint Medical Group Circle of Care

Our “Circle of Care” has one primary goal – to ensure the health and wellness of members and their families. We do this by providing access to a comprehensive menu of medical services from one unified physician group in their neighborhoods.

With doctors, nurses, specialists, labs and medical records all interlinked and coordinated, patient care has never been in better hands.

“OnPoint Medical Group providers practice from offices that are conveniently located in neighborhood centers and work with accessible office hours.  Practices include internal medicine, urgent care, family practice, OB/GYN, and pediatrics. It is great to work with experienced doctors providing a wide scope of services.”

Doug Goetz, President

The Best Network of Skilled Urgent & Primary Care Providers

We are expanding access to quality healthcare in the most effective and affordable manner possible. Our members find satisfaction aligning themselves with like-minded and team-oriented medical and business professionals.

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